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Wedding in The Garden - What Do You Arrange with The Municipality?

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:49 PM / Under Wedding Planning

You cannot (unfortunately) marry everywhere. You usually marry at an official wedding location indicated by the municipality. If you have a different location, such as a wedding in the garden, you have to arrange things. Wedding official from 2 Marry regularly has weddings at unique locations and tells you all about this.

"There is a big difference in rules among municipalities, my advice is to first check with your municipality what these rules are." There are some municipalities where you can officially marry everywhere, but in most municipalities, you will be in a wedding in the garden, the location must be named once to marital location. Also, not in all locations until late music can be run. If you are with a large group of guests, then there is sometimes a mandatory mention of your party at the municipality. "

The perfect place for when you want to get married in the garden

What should a location meet as a perfect place for your wedding? First of all, there must of course be enough room for the number of guests that you invite. Is there enough space for the different parts of the day and for dressing up the location with, for example, a bar, a food truck, a teepee or stretch tent? To calculate how much you need around space, you can make the following calculation:

For the reception: 1 m2 per person

For the party with a buffet: 1.5 m2 per person

For a seated dinner: 1.5 to 2 m2 per person

You have to arrange this if you want to get married in the garden

In principle, every location with a good tent and cool decoration can be transformed into the perfect wedding location. Even if there are no facilities at the location, you can use a mobile kitchen, bar and toilet room to make it a gem of a wedding location. There are many important things to remember before you finalize the wedding location, such as parking, toilets and power supplies.

If you want to organize your wedding yourself, then there is a lot to see. Below we give you some tips that you can take into account when organizing a wedding in the garden.

Do not want to give up stress and all the rules? Then switch on a wedding planner! They have baking experience and that saves you seas of time!

Handy online tool to plan your wedding

Sign up for our free online planning tool and use our handy checklist that reminds you when you need to do something. In addition, you manage your budget easily, create the guest list, collect all the inspiration for the wedding in one place and create an online gift list for free.

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Wedding Planning Tips for The Bachelor Party

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM / Under Wedding Planning

With all the tensions associated with marriage planning, there is a possibility to relax with friends. Planning a fun bachelor party will help you escape all the important decisions that need to be made for the wedding itself. Here are some tips to put together a bachelor party.

Tip 1 - Planning

It is customary for the bridesmaids to plan the party. The maid of honor must have the first choice in planning, but if she has already done the bridal shower, others may want to help plan and cost. If their hands are full of wedding details, a good friend wants to take over with their hands.

Tip 2 - Bride style

Keep the personal preferences of the bride in mind when planning. If she would be embarrassed easily by a night of more risky nature, opt for a day at the spa. Plan a whole day with high tea, a trip to the salon and drinks and dinner. Remember that caring for the bride is the first priority. If heavy drinking is going to take place, think about having the weekend before the wedding instead of the night before.

Tip 3 - Invites

Ask the bride whom she would like to invite. Sometimes they may not want their mother and mother-in-law to join, so it's good to ask her for the list of guests. Make sure all ladies are informed of the date in advance. Everyone has busy schedules and it is best to give everyone the opportunity to share their schedules.

Be specific. Let the guests know the times and the itinerary throughout the day. Some may want to meet at one of the locations, but not all of them. You can ask for donations to do something extra special for the bride, such as renting a limo for the day. Enter a phone number to ask questions. Let guests know how much they can expect to spend for the day.

Tip 4 - Reservations

If you are planning the event at a popular location, you must call and book in advance. If you cannot enter because a place is full, it can become a downer all day long. Depending on the size of the group, it may be useful to rent a VIP stand in a club.

Tip 5 - Personalize the experience

This is supposed to be a celebration of the last days as a single woman, so present your bride with some memories of that time.

Collect photos and present them with a scrapbook of all the memories.

Leave a page blank at the end for wedding day photos of all ladies during her wedding.

Present her with special wedding day lingerie or other nice gifts to send her in her 'married way'.

Also personalize the experience for the guests. Buy favors that all ladies can wear during the night to indicate that they are at your party. Tiaras and sashes are fun for the guests to wear. Make a goody bag full of survival items for the bachelor party, such as aspirin, an ice bag and lipstick.

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