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Air and Kang Min's Amazing Wedding at Chijmes and Four Seasons

Posted on December 23, 2015 at 09:05 AM / Under Wedding Attire Style

Melody, 29, and Kang Min, 33, observed their nuptials on two love-filled events. Needing only to share their love with their closest and dearest, the couple added personal touches to their heartwarming sacred matrimony at Four Seasons Hotel at Chijmes and cosy wedding banquet.!

Kang Min: Something awakened within me after my first interaction with her in 2010, and after several trips, I chose to take the opportunity to do it. “30 years in the future when you reflect at your own life, it is likely that you'll regret the things which you DIDN'T do rather compared to ” Timely reminder, so I went for it! But I needed to put up with leaving my confession nighttime at Labrador Park free of response... and just an agonising delay after did I receive a pleasing reply.

Air: I was all company when we first socialized. He did not leave much of an opinion on me, and it was undoubtedly not love at first sight. It required several company dialogues (with no hidden private plan), as well as some of passing-bys at company functions before Kang Min tried to organize lunch between a few us on every side. Sadly lunch did not materialise and it stayed only company. It was just much later that we began conversing on Whatsapp after trading amounts for...good, I can not remember now, but yes that is how it unraveled into the wonderful wreck today! We saw along the way a future that contained the both of us, as we spent more time together.!

Air: We were back in Sentosa to celebrate my birthday at a 3 star Michelin restaurant, however there clearly was no suggestion and so, I discounted the thought in my head that he'd propose that night. Also, Kang Min requested me to change into casual clothing for a nighttime walk by the shore which we both love. We wandered along Siloso Beach, back to where we got along the sandy shores. We kicked the sand with our toes, until we reached a place that was secluded loved the sea breeze as well as the calming sound of the light waves. Kang Min subsequently said he had something important to tell me. Stupid me, my first reaction was stress, and I wondered if something had occurred with anyone or everywhere. Where this was going, yet, as he shared his well thought through straightforward confession, it dawned upon me! And on one knee, he fumbled in his shore berms and outside came a ball of tissue! That tissue was really valuable, jointly with one more present — he finished a thick scrapbook of our journey, picture by picture, word by word. How could I resist saying yes to this guy who made it easy, honest and heartwarming.!

It turned out to be an unpretentious and straightforward event. No crowd cheering, no hidden agenda, no flashing cameras. It was only there and then, an instant that is self-centered that we didn’t wish to share with anyone but seen by God. It absolutely was our special moment where we made the determination to continue on as one. This reminds me of a significant Biblical verse of being one in Christ: “… then make my joy complete by being likeminded, having the same love, being one in nature and goal.” – Philippians 2:2 (NIV)

We'd no fanciful wedding topic and we did not believe in the demand for one also! We needed to represent our love that was straightforward but sharing what matters most to us - to share our unpretentious love to our precious guests by means of a cosy and heartwarming setting. We sourced for things we adore, overlaid with personal touches which contained a gifted string quartet who could play with our tunes that were requested, a sand art variant of our love story, a coffee cart at our solemnisation etc! We paid lots of focus to the making of the gowns by Michelle Huimin, as well as the suit with Bridal Veil -making procedure to mark the preparation procedure that was memorable. We needed to appreciate and savour the once in a lifetime preparation procedure!

We planned every detail of the sacred matrimony, from the self-designed invitations to the self-designed programmes, picture table etc, dessert table! We also hired a pushcart java service to share our love for a great cup of coffee to start the day (which our guests adored!). We selected Chijmes as our sacred matrimony site to make sure our relatives who were not Christians were comfy and picked our own blooms and layout. We topped off the occasion with live music from a string quartet who played wonderfully!!

For the banquet, we presented our love story by means of a sand art narrative that captured the focus of our relatives and friends, and we also purchased a special favour for the guests to take home: a "observe our love grow" seed pack. We were extremely happy our guests loved music, the food, and details of it all!?

The Gown: Bridal Veil by Michelle Huimin
The Bride's Shoes: Coach and Saera
The Suit: Proper Suit from Dylan & Son Co. // blue jacket from The Gentlemen's Club
The Engagement Ring: Cartier
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Site: Chijmes for sacred matrimony and Four Seasons Hotel for wedding banquet
The Makeup Artist and Hairstylist: Kacey Teh
The Java Cart: Adroit Coffee
The Florists: Shiki Florist at Chijmes and Fleurapy for bouquet at Four Seasons
The Occasion Stylist: Ourselves and Four Seasons Hotel
The Wedding Planner: Ourselves
The Photographers: Joe, helped by Marcus, from Acapella Photography
The Videographer: Zech from Substance Films
The Invitations and Paper Goods: Self-designed
The Wedding Favours: Packages by Mm
The Wedding Band: Fete Musicians
The Solemniser: Pastor Patrick

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Designer Attribute: Galia Lahav Springtime 2016

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Known for her delusion backs and extravagantly elaborate designs, for her new range, "Les Reves Bohemiens," Galia Lahav brought out a glamorous wild child in the bohemian bride, with just-there delusion lace, thigh high slits, and see-through silks, all embellished with a wholesome dose of dazzling crystals.

Opulent, stunning, and incredibly hot, Galia Lahav's wedding gowns for Springtime 2016 were a sight to behold. The runway show was held in the Villard Mansion, as well as the abundant, architectural details made an ideal setting for the glamor of the group. Inspired by a bohemian love story, "Les Reves Bohemiens" is a glamorously intimate set laced with the dreams of fairytale princesses. With luxuriously floating chiffon layers, dainty corsets, and slivers of skin, the wedding gowns are what our treasured storybook princesses would wear if they could fling (kids-proper) decorum to the winds. They call to mind the shimmering, grown up, snow crystal gown that Elsa conjured when she freed the magic locked inside her. !

Prodigal skirts are juxtaposed with tantalising skin to produce a range that calls to the free-spirited bride. Hand-embroidered pearls and applique create vibrant textures, uneven layers of tulle add drama to the shape, and complex French Chantilly, Resille, and classic laces treaty a munificent bohemian love story. Exceptional shapes are shaped by layering gauzy fabrics and creative placement of lace.

We all oohed and ahhed as the plunging necklines and stunning lace came down the runway, and gasped as the gowns turned to reveal glittering delusion backs in crystal patterns. Cinderella's namesake iconic blue gown was immediately recognisable, but it'd been given a light wand's touch from a fairy godmother whose preferences ran a little more alluring. Belle was a champagne-coloured gown using a silver-edged, plunging neckline that turned to reveal a winged-cape motif, creating an illusion of fluttering sleeves. Flower featured munificent metallic hand-embroidery and feels and a peekaboo rouge fishtail skirt. However, the gown that actually stole the show needed to be Wendy, a slinky, tailored silk crepe gown with a plunging neckline. The gown walked down the runway highlighted using an extended lace-trimmed cape, as well as the second the model shrugged off her cape and turned to show a scintillating, totally gauzy back made of an embroidered, crystallised net, an audible gasp was heard from the other side of the room, and several of us stood up for a better look. Talk about hot. Our editor, Michelle, sighed at the sheer play of it.

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Cozy wedding shoes AREN'T an oxymoron

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First, let's start out with the basic truth: relaxation is subjective. There are a few of us who affirm that 4" platform heels are totally comfy (and of course they're, compared to 5" non-platform heels!), while others of us is only going to wear flats. Meanwhile, others of us locate the dearth of arch support in flats to be an entire killer — flats are the worst for some arches! Remembering that no set of comfy shoes could ever be perfect for everybody, I believed I'd wrastle up a couple of my really favourite fantastic, vibrant, and yes somewhat cozy wedding shoes. My focus here is on brands known for their relaxation, along with lower heel height, chunkier heels, and flats. !

Thank you for revealing alternatives! I'm struggling to locate my own wedding shoes right now but the amusing thing is the fact that one of my creative outlets is painting on shoes and handbags. So not only do I need to locate my very own shoes, but. yeah, I should paint them to, lol

I locate the sole is more significant than the heel as it pertains to relaxation. I've had flats that kill my feet because there's certainly nothing to the sole and reasonable heels that feel wonderful. (Extremely high heels constantly kill my feet; it's only the way my feet are made.) I'll pay what they're worth for a shoe with a great sole. !

I understand how you are feeling! I've never purchased a pair of summer sandals because as well as truly being a size UK 9 (US 11) meaning there isn't as much alternative what's accessible has paper thin soles and I appear to get super sensitive feet which suggests that many of shoes are debilitating and if they're even a bit thin I can sense every rock on the earth. & gt;.<

Please only use your actual name in your opinion, not your business name or site title. Our opinions aren't the place to pimp your web site. In the event that you would like to boost your items on Offbeat Bride, join us as an advertiser instead. !

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Rediscover Hot with Heavenly Couture

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Every bride concurs the perfect gown is one which fits her like a glove, boasts her assurance, attractiveness and happiness, and flaunts simply the best touches of her. But whether that gown is a princess ballgown or a slick, contemporary mermaid gown depends upon her character and how she sees herself on her big day. For me, I’m a girly girl through and through, so I can’t help but fall helplessly in love with gowns that's a stunning honey neckline that toes the line between modesty and risque, an intimate tulle skirt that's only the correct quantity of fluff, along with a dunking low bareback detail. !

When I think of intimate love necklines, downy skirts and dunking low back details, I think of Divine Couture gowns. Always a supporter of their dreamy, downy gowns using a flirtatious open or low back, for me, their gowns symbolize an ideal balance of romance and female sensuality. And that perfect equilibrium is some thing that Kim, owner and designer of Divine Couture, has been fine tuning and reinventing over the past few years since she incorporated low and open rear layouts into her creations more than a decade past. !

Divine Couture first introduced the first low back wedding and evening gowns in the 1990s because Kim needed to flaunt her bride’s femininity and sensuality. Her avant-garde creations were a breath of fresh air to the neighborhood wedding picture and were a success for brides who were seeking something besides the more conservative designs of wedding gowns. Kim always sought to bring a fresh sort of hot to her creations in a tasteful way, such as the thigh high slits and body-skimming, slinky shapes she introduced to her works in 1997.

She also brought hot to the standard cheongsam by giving it a naked or delusion back with elaborate lace details along with a more curvaceous shape to flaunt a bride’s womanly curves, making the traditional dress more appealing to and more wearable for younger brides.

Brides who want a more grownup and refined variant of a fairytale appearance is not going to be let down in Divine Couture’s Swarovski crystals and custom designed lace embellished creations, a look that many have come to recognise Divine Couture for, aside from their more sexual creations. !

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The best way to Beat Wedding Dress Blues And Be the Most Exquisite Bride Ever?

Posted on April 20, 2015 at 11:53 AM / Under Wedding Attire Style

Surely, you are going to require a wedding planner to take the edge off and relax your anxiety prior to your wedding day. Your closest friend or maid of honor or mom may choose the occupation. Since, they understand you best this arrangement is perfect! If they're unable to assist you to organize your wedding your next best choice would be to employ a professional wedding planner. A wedding planner publication recorded on the right is ideal to help you stay informed with the most up to fine details of your wedding. Ensure your wedding planner has a copy also.

It is the system that shatters all the myths: FIT FOR LIFE the international bestseller that describes the best way to alter both your amount as well as your life with food. Nutritional specialist Harvey and Marilyn Diamond describe ways to eat more types of food than you ever ate before without counting calories...and still slim down! !

Except, you might be uncertain in the event you have to reduce several pounds and drop an inch or two all around or miraculously must gain weight prior to your wedding. The mix diet must help form your body when you couple your attempt with light exercises.

If your plan is to transform your position prior to your wedding day, begin eating protein with vegetables every day annually prior to your wedding ceremony! Based on Harvey Diamond who composed the Fit for Life, wellness publication, he steadfastly stands behind a blend diet. It works wonders in helping optimize the digestion of foods. Foods are processed via the intestine quicker and enzymes take a rest from having to process more complicated foods like starch and protein, which take longer to digest. Your enzymes receive an opportunity to work on additional procedures, including the status of your hair, skin, nails, and form of your body size.

Who wants this type of pressure annually before their wedding! It is usually tough to shed weight on average, while it is simpler to gain unwanted pounds. I understand that you can loose weight because you've got the drive to appear your best on your wedding day.

If you're getting married next year, you might be suffering with wedding dress blues already. Your wedding gown may fit superbly from the waist down and maybe is too tight in the breast region. To be perfect in your bra size, selected a comfortable bra that's not overly tight or overly loose.

Your seamstress should ensure your wedding gown fits flawlessly after she fixes it. Really, you aspire to fit into your bridal dress without wanting important alterations, except, in the event that you buy a dress that's two sizes bigger your alterations will be smoother. You can even hire a fashion designer to make the wedding dress of your dreams predicated on your own aspirations.

You must not fret, a professional makeup artist knows what they're doing and he understands the best way to cover imperfections in your visage and accentuate your most outstanding characteristics whether it is your nose, eyes, cheeks or lips. You will be the greatest that you can be!

What will happen if there's insufficient material to fix your dress? You believe nervously! Nevertheless, there will be sufficient material should you purchase a dress that's somewhat bigger. By no means should you buy a dress that's too tight and require to push yourself to slim down to fit into your bridal gown. This would put an additional burden of pressure on you and maybe you may not lose weight and you're going to be stuck needing to immediately purchase another wedding dress.

Hopefully, you will not be pregnant before your nuptials also; since you will definitely postpone your wedding reception for two years or so until you can compose your family. Under no condition could a beloved bride capture their guests with an enormous pregnant abdomen. Right, this would absolutely not be small!

A budding bride must walk flawlessly in her wedding dress! In case your financing is taller than you, intend to wear white leather or satin pump using a great pair of legs pantyhose. A shimmery leggings legwear will hug your legs and cause them to sparkle. !

Should you wear hot spiked heeled sandals which are 5 to 6 inches or more, your toes may slip out of your shoes, and you might trip over your wedding gown, ouch. You will feel more at ease with an open toe kitten heel. !

Don't forget to pamper youself before your wedding by having a pedicure and manicure. You need to love a facial two weeks before your nuptials also. Absolutely, no bride needs to feel embarrassed on her wedding day! So, walk diligently and seem additional fresh.

In case you naturally wear your hair tied, wear it loose in your wedding day with a dazzling tiara. And when you wear your hair unsecured regularly, have a hair stylist produce a stunning up do with either fine blossoms fixed in your hair or special hair pins.

Kate Middleton should have worn her hair in a stunning upwards do the day she wed Prince William, since she eternally wears her hair unbound. She most definitely looked clear, even though she was classy and ageless in her capturing wedding dress designed by Sara Burton. !

In case your dress is short sleeved or sleeveless, a fine pair of white satin gloves will add some sophistication to your wedding gown. Your wonderful gloves may be laced to your elbows similar the one shown on the right or it may be a full bodied satin glove that reaches your wrists. Either option will likely be wonderful as you take your money bag.

Your wedding is your own time to shine! Finally, you'll sparkle on your own nuptials with the gentleman of your fantasies amid your family members and pals venerating your attractiveness. Wow, this really is totally fantastic, congratulations! This is actually the beginning of your wonderful family! I am hoping you like a most glorious day.

White, Premium quality lace, organza and satin. Custom Size With interior bra pads, 5cm width safe belt and bones, the form of the bodice is better shaped. Any questions regarding the dress, simply e-mail us. If you any have difficulties About size. Please refer to amazon Girls's routine size graph or don't hesitate to get in touch with us before placing the order.

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I dare you to wear some of these shoes at your wedding

Posted on April 10, 2015 at 09:45 PM / Under Wedding Attire Style

The Offbeat Empire's Seller Relationships Supervisor is a New Jersey smasher named Tiffany who has vibrant, diverse preferences that reflect my own when it comes to skirting right along that border of "too much in an excellent manner" and "wait, is it simply too much?" She recently shared Zombie Peepshow's shoes with me, and now it's official: I'm dying to see an Offbeat Bride rock these on their wedding day. For the remainder of us who are a little less daring, Zombie Peepshow is some amazing eye candy here… click any one of the pictures for more information in regards to the shoes in question. !

Well, no pictures yet – the wedding is in September!! Gathering all things unicorn and luchador now. We'll (hopefully, if all goes as intended) have mythical unicorn glitter decor, mexican food from our fav mexican area, a Queso fountain (!!!!), a unicorn pinata, a mariachi group for the cocktail hour, edible glitter on the cupcakes… the groomspeople (it's coed) may arrive wearing some of my fiance's luchador masks… it'll hopefully be awesome glittery fabulousness!!!

Not to mention the custom shoes from Zombie Peepshow!! And my crinoline will probably be purple. And I can't wait. I was really going to wear these (the Irregular Choice white unicorn heels):
But they didn't fit right. But if I'D worn those, my femme bridesmaids might have worn the black variant!!

Please only use your actual name in your opinion, not your business name or site title. Our opinions aren't the place to pimp your web site. In the event that you would like to boost your items on Offbeat Bride, join us as an advertiser instead.

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Wedding Shoes 101: Everything You Must Learn To Look For The Best Pair

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Ah, wedding shoes. Trying to find the best pair of shoes to walk down the aisle in is as significant as finding the perfect guy. It must be of a correct height, perfect size as well as a captivating design, and comfortable to be in for the entire day. To assist you locate the right pair of shoes to get married in, SingaporeBrides has assembled a three-part guide on all you should understand to look for the best pair of wedding shoes. In the very first episode, you’ll be introduced to the basics – the different heel heights as well as the six most common heeled and non-heeled wedding shoes. !

High heel shoes usually come in various heights that range from 1-8 inches or more in height as well as various designs. Kitten heels are the shortest at 1-2 inches. It's comfortable to be in for long hours and provides you with a little increase of height so you’ll appear taller and more slender on your big day. Kitten heeled shoes can be shut-toe, peep-toe, fashioned with an ankle strap or a slingback.

A moderate high heel is typically between 2-3 inches and typically appear in a shut-toe design, otherwise referred to as pump. The average height of such heels is high enough to provide you with an additional boost in height, lengthening your shape, but isn’t overly high they are uncomfortable to stand or walk in, even when you aren’t accustomed to wearing mid-high heels on a regular basis. Pump may sport a round or pointed front, a peep-toe front or an ankle strap. !

Stilettos have the greatest heel height of the three. It can go up to 8 inches and are often accompanied by a platform on the front to lessen the arch of the feet. Steer clear of stilettos for your big day in case you are not used to wearing high heels or don't wear them at all. However, if stilettos are your BFFs, then by all means set them on and strut down that aisle.

Wedge heels refer to a raised heel that will not distinguish from the heel to the sole of the shoe. It is often as low as a kitten heel or as high as an 8-inch stiletto. The wedged layout of such a high-heel shoes provide more support than stiletto heels as it's a broader foundation and equally spreads your weight across the whole span of the shoe. Brides who need both height and relaxation for her big day can contemplate becoming open or closed toe wedged heels.

Ankle strap pumps are very hot, safe, fashionable and versatile. The strap that goes across the ankle may be thin or thick, determined by the kind of look you’re going for. A thin ankle strap exudes femininity and seems dainty whereas a thicker strap gives off a mod appearance.

Peep-toe shoes are somewhat of a tease, revealing just the tip of your toes while keeping the remaining feet covered. The cut of the opening in the very front of the shoe discovers how much of your toes or feet are shown.

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Purchase Diamond and Pearl Jewelry for Weddings and Special Events

Posted on November 17, 2012 at 12:00 PM / Under Wedding Attire Style

When our daughters got married, they all needed to wear exquisite jewelry to go by using their wedding dresses. But, we couldn't actually afford to get them jewelry that us cost a huge number of dollars. Luckily, we could buy stunning jewelry from Amazon that was wonderful, but fairly priced. The things we discovered seemed perfect with their wedding dresses. They were pleased, and so were we! !

It's possible for you to make use of the aforementioned link to search directly on Amazon or look under to see some of my favourite options. Either way, you will find that these are things of jewelry that almost every girl will love having when she dresses up.

Amazon uses cultured pearls which have been naturally created inside the bodies of salt and freshwater mollusks including oysters or mussels. These cultivated pearls can take up to two years to reach adulthood before they can be picked. Cultured pearls are GENUINE pearls. They've only been supported to grow inside an oyster or mussel. !

Mollusks create pearls in various colors including cream, white, silver, yellow, pink and black and they're chosen for their appealing luster. The pearls could be either round or egg-shaped, with distinct contours adding themselves to various styles of jewelry. Additionally, each pearl is exceptional, so your jewelry is not going to be just like another person 's ... although it might seem quite close.

When pearls are highlighted with diamonds or other precious stones, the timeless fashion is particularly appealing. Pearl and diamond jewelry is ideal when used for engagement rings and other wedding jewelry, and seems perfect with an elegant white wedding dress. Additionally it is a favorite selection for almost any special occasion.

If you want to learn more about the diamond and pearl jewelry selections from Amazon that you see featured here, just click the blue product name for this thing and you'll be taken to its Amazon page. Subsequently you'll have the capacity to determine the cost, read the reviews and take a look at the other picks in women's jewelry which are accessible.

Pearls aren't always white or off white. Black pearls are particularly highly prized as exceptional pieces of jewelry. In the event you are seeking an elegant piece of heirloom quality jewelry, you might want to think about adding black pearls to your jewelry selection.

Don't forget: Should you would like to find out more about the jewelry pieces from Amazon which are featured in this post, just click the blue product name for that thing and you'll be taken directly to its Amazon page. From that point, you will determine the cost, read reviews, or consider the other options which are offered.

Another wonderful alternative is pink pearl jewelry. If you're trying to find jewelry that's exceptional, contain pink pearls in your jewelry selection. The truth is, pink wedding dresses have gained in popularity lately, so a pink pearl pendant could be an ideal accessory! !

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