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Rent the Wedding Dress, an Economical Option

Posted on September 26, 2018 at 03:55 PM / Under Wedding Attire Style

It is really complicated to find the perfect wedding dress. Although many people visit large firms, workshops or multi-brand stores to acquire their dreamed dress, too often, for being more practical, economic, or simple social conscience, rental stores are included among the options to consider.

Vintage fashion has influenced the increase in rental or second-hand stores. But sometimes we do not know how the stores work, what kind of dresses they offer or if it is reliable to do them. All this depends on each trade, obviously, so the most important thing is to learn well, consult the doubts before deciding and visit the establishments to be able to see the dresses and services that are procured.

Types of wedding dresses rental

Depending on the store you go to, you can find different types of rentals. The most normal thing is to find both the rental of a dress from your portfolio, which has been rented before to other brides, as well as the rental of the first time, a dress that will be premiered, but that will then be rented to other brides, as it is owned by the store.

The more traditional rent gives us two possibilities. The first is that you reserve a dress for yourself and you make sure that no bride is going to wear before you since the signing of the contract you made for rent. It can also be an open rent and that will have a sufficient time margin, where the company will rent your dress to different brides throughout the year. Wedding gown rental, an economic option

What kind of dresses can be found?

Normally these stores usually go to the showrooms, where the seasonal dresses of the big firms are sold off, to buy end-of-season dresses at a discounted price. Brides on other occasions sell their dress after the wedding; it is an extra income for them.

According to the store, some or other dresses will be offered depending on the style of the designers that fit more with their business form. Something that must be clear is that the real professionals will offer dresses in good condition, clean of dry cleaning. They discard any garment that is tarada.

Rent girlfriend dress

In the case of stores that have a first-time rental, they have their own models that they make for you. They will not be of any particular brand, but that is not why you should demand less quality in it.

What extra services are offered?

If we talk about the postal service, it is usually in these businesses with professionals in sewing so that you can adjust the dress to your body as if it had been made to measure. Modifications are also made as far as the dress allows. The dry cleaner runs on your own by working with your own trusted specialists.

In the end, as always, it is a personal matter and also of economic possibilities. In our country, traditional in many things, it is still not so common rent the suit, but in these years of the crisis has increased the number of brides who decide to go rent the dress to save money. Be that as it may, remember to buy heel cover to protect that important part of your set such as shoes.

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Wedding in The Garden - What Do You Arrange with The Municipality?

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:49 PM / Under Wedding Planning

You cannot (unfortunately) marry everywhere. You usually marry at an official wedding location indicated by the municipality. If you have a different location, such as a wedding in the garden, you have to arrange things. Wedding official from 2 Marry regularly has weddings at unique locations and tells you all about this.

"There is a big difference in rules among municipalities, my advice is to first check with your municipality what these rules are." There are some municipalities where you can officially marry everywhere, but in most municipalities, you will be in a wedding in the garden, the location must be named once to marital location. Also, not in all locations until late music can be run. If you are with a large group of guests, then there is sometimes a mandatory mention of your party at the municipality. "

The perfect place for when you want to get married in the garden

What should a location meet as a perfect place for your wedding? First of all, there must of course be enough room for the number of guests that you invite. Is there enough space for the different parts of the day and for dressing up the location with, for example, a bar, a food truck, a teepee or stretch tent? To calculate how much you need around space, you can make the following calculation:

For the reception: 1 m2 per person

For the party with a buffet: 1.5 m2 per person

For a seated dinner: 1.5 to 2 m2 per person

You have to arrange this if you want to get married in the garden

In principle, every location with a good tent and cool decoration can be transformed into the perfect wedding location. Even if there are no facilities at the location, you can use a mobile kitchen, bar and toilet room to make it a gem of a wedding location. There are many important things to remember before you finalize the wedding location, such as parking, toilets and power supplies.

If you want to organize your wedding yourself, then there is a lot to see. Below we give you some tips that you can take into account when organizing a wedding in the garden.

Do not want to give up stress and all the rules? Then switch on a wedding planner! They have baking experience and that saves you seas of time!

Handy online tool to plan your wedding

Sign up for our free online planning tool and use our handy checklist that reminds you when you need to do something. In addition, you manage your budget easily, create the guest list, collect all the inspiration for the wedding in one place and create an online gift list for free.

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Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:48 PM / Under Photography + Videography

One of the elements we can choose when we are going to perform a recording besides resolution, frame and so many others whether in cameras are video or DSLR 's is the compression ratio. These rates are independent of the issue of "Frame Rate", resolution and other items that involve the "video quality" issue. The lower the compression rate, the higher the density of information in the video will result in higher quality and possibilities in post-production.

The compression ratio is basically defined by some items: Luminance and Chrominance Amount and the "Frame Repetition" rate (Intraframe or Interframe).

These elements (Intra Frame or Inter Frame) were created to "facilitate" the possibility of creating videos. We must remember that each second of video has a variation of "frames" that can vary between 24, 30, 60, 120 etc. ... (depending of course the technical possibility of each equipment). If each frame received individually and in its entirety all the "information" that composes an image, it would practically be impracticable to create video size would be the density of the generated files.

These repetition rates can be basically defined in two ways:

Intraframe: This is a form where the frame construction uses the full extent of the image scan (low compression). In other words, although the file is being compressed (coded) each frame is constructed in order to preserve all the elements in its construction.

Example used by Canon cameras in the "ALL-I" compression mode that have file variation. In the figure below, it is possible to see that the image is generated "Frame a Frame".

Video Compression Rates

Interframe: In this process the files become less dense because there is a complex process of creating the image in the construction of each frame. Only a few "Frames" are created throughout their "sampling" (I). Some frames are created using the variation of previous and / or later frames in the video sequence (Usually the frames of the middle - B). Further frame sequences are generated by "predicting" the sequence of frames relative to their pixels.

Based on the comparison of the two figures using the compression ratio used by Canon (All and IPB) it can be observed that in the figure where the compression rate used was the IPB only from the change of the dots from three to four points is that a new frame was built in its entirety (Intra frame)

We found in most manufacturers the possibility of adjusting compression rates. These settings can be adjusted in the camera menus and each manufacturer usually presents these variations with different nomenclatures.


Canon DSLR Cameras: All and / or IPB

Sony Alpha Cameras: XAVC's, AVCDHD and MP4

Nikon DSLR Cameras: High and / or Standard.

Remembering that video cameras (Ex Camcorders) from several manufacturers also have this feature and their names also change between them.

In this way it is important to understand that:

If you want to do a good job of "Post production" in your video regarding color treatment, brightness, contrast, etc. .... Ideally, this material should be recorded under "low compression". This way you will have a greater breadth of manipulation of these elements. But remember that this recording format "consumes" a greater volume of space on your memory card and also in the editing process you will use more machine processing. In the case of Canon for example a low compression recording takes up approximately 3x more space on the memory card (In high compression mode on a 16gb card you can store 64 minutes of recording at Full HD resolution and recording at low compression you can only store 22 minutes in this same resolution).

If you need to record a large number of videos and have few media to store your work at the time of capture and your production does not require large "treatments" choose to record in "high compression" mode. Still you will have a good image and your work will certainly be well evaluated.

Always remember that regardless of the compression ratio, the good result of a video depends on several factors.

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Tips and Tricks for Taking Creative Photos in GoPro

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:48 PM / Under Photography + Videography

In order to accompany the specific adventurous population, which lives moving to the most varied places and do not want to carry a lot of weight, a type of camera called camera action.

The GoPro is best example of it and, although it was actually developed focusing on travelers, gained prominence with people all lovers of photography.

With the quality of a professional camera, GoPro has the same characteristics as the manual change of ISO and other functions.

Its resolution, even with its small size, is extremely high. In addition, some models have an excellent ability to record videos, capturing hundreds of frames per second.

But what sets GoPro apart is its unique features.

Most notable is its small size and weight, making it ideal for travel or the like.

Although light, it is very resistant, since it was developed to accompany athletes in extreme sports, such as cycling, climbing, surfing, among diamonds, besides being very good to accompany you on tracks.

About its ability to shoot, it has an advanced stabilization system, preventing video recordings from shaking, even when used in extreme sports.

To improve, there is the possibility of fitting brackets on bicycles, backpacks and the like, preventing it from falling and further reducing tremors.

Another peculiar feature of GoPro is its built-in Fisheye lens, which captures images at an angle of up to 180 degrees.

GoPro Creative Photos

But this feature will be better explored a few chapters ahead. Just for a little detail, these lenses allow for super wide images, capturing as many objects as possible.

Let's explore GoPro more deeply in this article, demonstrating how to extract the best possible quality from this action camera.

Its functions, features and best techniques to use will be better detailed, demonstrating how fun it can be to shoot with a GoPro.

GoPro has a manual function

Many thinks that because of its small size, GoPro has no manual function.

The truth is that this information does not proceed, since newer models such as HERO 3 Black or Silver, HERO 3+ Black, Hero 4 and their superiors have this feature.

To activate, you must use the Protune feature, which is a camera mode where you can make customizations.

Functions such as manual adjustment of white balance, exposure, sharpness, color change by (temperature setting), ISO, among others, can be found in Protune, feature to activate the GoPro Manual.

Activating Protune

After turning on the camera, it is necessary to press the front button until the "tool" icon appears. Then press the upper button and press "Capture Settings". To activate the function, simply press and hold the front button until "Protune" appears, pressing the upper button to activate it.

Now that Protune is active, you can select (always pressing the top button) the white setting (WB), with the possibility of changing between 3000k and 6500k.

To achieve tonal balance, follow the situation that a cloudy weather requires a higher WB while a sunny situation a lower value.

Other manual functions are the default color selection (GoPro Color) or highlights and shadows (Flat).

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Wedding Dresses: How to Define What Your Guests Should Wear?

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:48 PM / Under Wedding Attire Style

The dress code should fit the party style to make the wedding even more beautiful.

On the big day, no costume is more expected than the bride. However, days before, your guests will be concerned about the wedding dresses they must wear to participate in the couple's dream.

The decision by the dress code should be made by the bride and groom. It is directly related to the style of the celebration chosen by the couple. A daytime outdoor wedding, for example, requires light and simple clothing, while a luxurious mini evening wedding should match the look of the guests.

Informing the guests of the type of wedding suit is not inelegant. In fact, it is extremely recommended when the couple performs a relaxed or glamorous wedding. Except on such occasions, guests understand that the right style is the full ride, the most common in weddings.

Although establishing the dress code seems an unimportant detail, it is essential to the harmony of the party. Guests who dress well beyond or below expectations can embarrass the others and further make the photos confusing.

Daytime wedding

Events scheduled to take place before sundown ask for simple dresses, light colors and low luster. The best option for this schedule is to ask your guests for fine sportswear, or even a slightly more stripped-down variation, by wearing jeans, for example.

Night wedding

Although social attire is most demanded by couples, you can vary and release the fine sport, especially if the celebration is modest or in an unusual location. The more formal suits should only be used at weddings that occur at night, so depending on the style of your wedding, you can ask your guests for this type of attire.

Traditional wedding

In events that take place in halls and hotels at night time, the most recommended wedding dress is the complete outing. If the wedding starts before sunset and lasts for the night, the bride and groom can suggest the fine sportswear as the standard for their guests.

Outdoor wedding

This type of celebration is usually more despoiled and occur during the day, which calls for a more relaxed, such as fine sports. If the mini wedding is held on the beach, make small concessions, allowing men to wear short-sleeved shirts, polos, and even shorts to withstand high temperatures.

Luxury Wedding

Luxurious celebrations call for equally luxurious attire, and it may be the case to indicate the wearing of the gown at all. However, this option is not always found in the guests' wardrobes, so be flexible: you can demand the gala dress from the groomsmen and the other guests, the complete ride.

Tag Tips for Guests

The guests need to be aware of details that can lead to conflicts with the couple, the other guests and the venue. Before choosing clothes for the big day of the bride and groom, they should:

- Avoid white. If you only have one dress of this color in the wardrobe, please arrange a new one in advance. White is reserved so the bride can stand out on the most important day of her life.

- Ask if there are any questions about the suit. If the invitation did not bring you the indication or if you would like an opinion to know if a particular look is appropriate, talk to someone close to the bride and groom or contact the wedding advisor himself.

- Be silent. It is common for women to display beautiful jewelry and shoes along with their wedding dresses, however, make sure they will not make enough noise to interrupt the ceremony.

- Always respect the dress code. The couple thought fondly about each item of the wedding and attending dress improperly passes the sense of disrespect to this dedication.

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Cracking Travel Tips Using the Efficient Tips

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:48 PM / Under Travel

1. Ensure good insurance

One in the category 'boring but needed': take care of a good travel insurance, so that you do not end up with unpleasant surprises. In this blog you can read my tips for choosing a travel insurance.

2. Locate the locals and support the local economy

Ultimately, it is often the people who make your trip so special. Make regular contact with the locals: make chats on the market, use bus rides to get to know your fellow passengers and sleep occasionally in a homestay. That way you will get to know the country a lot better. Try to make local choices regularly: sleep in hotels run by locals, eat in small restaurants and buy in local shops. A great opportunity to support the local communities.

3. Watch your stuff and read about scams in advance

You do not have to watch over your backpack like a hawk but paying attention cannot hurt in some countries. Do not leave your valuables on the beach when you go swimming. Do not swing a wallet full of money if you want to pay something small but put some cash in your pocket. Do not hang your expensive DSLR camera like a handbag over your shoulder. Another tip: read about common scams before you travel. That prevents your tuk-tuk driver from dragging you to the stores of his many brothers, that you believe your taxi driver when he says that your guesthouse no longer exists and that you have to pay a hundred euros for drinking a cup of tea during a 'traditional Chinese tea ceremony’.

4. Consider local customs

Adapting to your travel destination is always important, because you do not want to bump the locals. This means that you attune your clothes to the local culture, show respect for the customs of the locals and do not pull plugs from the wall if the noise from a religious ceremony becomes too much for you. You really do not have to wrap yourself in a sari when traveling through India (rather not even) but adjusting to the local culture is very important.

5. Take as little luggage as possible

Budget can never be too much, but clothes can. Buy a backpack or suitcase of limited size that helps to pack lighter. In the end you always wear the same two shirts, so you do not need much. Things like mosquito nets and sleeping bags are almost always redundant, although a sheet is useful. Less baggage saves a lot of dragging along the way, at home you have less time and you have enough space to bring along beautiful souvenirs. And one last tip: buy packing cubes! Really: they have changed my entire way of traveling. Never again a mess in my bag, never to re-pack: great invention.

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Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM / Under Photography + Videography

Making a professional video is no easy task, depending on the type of production it takes months and even years to get to the end result. Among all of the features used for recording, video lighting is one of the most important. Video lighting is as important as lighting in photography.

In this article we will bring some very important lighting tips for video, some lighting techniques used even in great productions for photographic studios and how to use them correctly.

Lighting Focus

The focus of light is the main element of video lighting to watch for before starting work. It is important to make clear what it is to be seen, because the focus can bring it closer, move away, and deepen the motive. The most suitable equipment for studio recordings are illuminators and LED spotlights.

The illuminators and reflectors that use several pieces of mini LEDS are the most sought after, they usually change the color temperature of the environment and help create effects from tomorrow until nightfall within professional photographic studios.

To approximate, or pass on the idea of ​​approach, the subject is recommended by professional videographers to illuminate the part of the face in which there is more vision, as shown in the photo. It is important, in this case, to see the best angle of who is unfilmed and which position is most comfortable, because the focused light highlights the marks, which can highlight the details, but is not always what is sought.

Just as the focus of video illumination can pass the impression of proximity, it is possible to carry out the opposite effect by illuminating the most striking side and highlighting the farthest.

Side light

Creating a more dramatic or intense effect in a scene counts more than acting, lighting can intensify this perception of the viewer. This video lighting tactic is professional and is seen in many movies at all times.

This technique of video lighting has origins from paintings from the 17-18 centuries, where artists used in their paintings such lighting. The hint for finding the correct light spot is to find a "triangle" shape on the opposite side of the face:


This type of video lighting is very well known in the musical environment, in productions of terror, suspense or involving strong emotions. The work is simpler and can be used with most common LED illuminators. To find the key point of this illumination it is important to make clear the whole face of what is recorded or the main focus of illumination.

It is important in this type of lighting to make clear where the main source of light comes from, since it can be multi-angles behind the subject and work in that direction.

Photo Shovels

To compensate for and balance the video illumination during recording and lessen the need for post-editing treatment, photographic hitters is the best option. The batter in white color, for example compensates for the tones, rebounds the main source light and balances colors and highlights. Photographic studio hitters have up to 7 colors, each one for a particular type of photograph or recording and assists in adjusting hue, intensity, contrast depth and more.

Cross light

This part of professional video lighting requires greater care and knowledge, in which case you need more than one lighting source, such as to find yourself in studio lighting kit. In this tactic, you need to position your illuminators according to whether one becomes the backlight of one subject and there is a side-to-side light. In order to produce professional results and without uneven lighting, both sources must have a good job and reach, maintain the same color tone and temperature, and use accessories such as the studio photographic hitter to assist.

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Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM / Under Photography + Videography


It is very recurrent to receive emails from people who are extremely interested in our courses, but who cannot invest because they are experiencing financial difficulties or being unemployed, but look, this should not be cause for discouragement or reason to leave your dream to over there. We know very well how difficult this situation is, but here are some tips for you to get around the lack of money:


Reading the manual of your camera will ensure that you get to know your device. Believe me, this will help you a lot in your photography development and learning.


Use the internet a lot. YouTube is an excellent tool for learning photography but follow a reliable channel.

Tracking blogs and pages about photography is also a great way to study without spending money.


To save money, buy books that are used in books (the good thing is that the basics of photography do not change) or visit bookstores and read the books right there (most large bookstores allow you to read the books without buying, and even have little sofas for it).


If you consider becoming a professional in the area, look for a photography company or studio that is offering an internship or vacancy to make coffee. It does not have to be a famous company that you admire from the heart, nor does it have to be an important photographer or photographer. Even because famous and important people probably do not have assistant places thus giving soup.


If you have money to take a course, it is certainly more practical than trying to learn it all on your own. Courses are structured and have an important continuity for learning. A lot that you can take years to learn by yourself, it takes you hours to learn in a course.

Currently the degree is not required to perform the profession of photographer, but a good course will offer you a base that you will not get with free videos on YouTube.

Numerous photography courses are offered for various technical levels, which enable the photographer to be trained or specialize in some area, such as photography, lighting, analog photography, artistic photography fundamentals, objectives, editing software and many others. There is no formal requirement to start photographic studies.


Many people are seeking training through the internet, which, more and more, offers a modern and intelligent methodology of study. Research shows that, currently, online education exceeds face-to-face teaching by up to 3 times. The interesting thing about online education is the countless options available, monthly tuition fees, increasingly sophisticated learning environments, high availability, courses in all locations in Brazil and the world.

Online education brings flexibility in studies, with no fixed timetables and fixed places to study. The student is free to follow the contents at the most convenient time, as he thinks fit. Distance courses also have dates for submission of papers. Online teaching allows you to work and study more peacefully, teaching material, including video lessons, is available all the time and can be accessed at any time. Teachers are available to ask questions and colleagues are always interacting. And, to finish, the certificate issued by a distance course is worth as much as the one of a face-to-face course.

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Types of Wedding Attire: Essential Tips for Choosing the Ideal Look!

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM / Under Wedding Attire Style

Types of Wedding Attire: Essential Tips for Choosing the Ideal Look!

The main goal of a bride is: "hold a perfect wedding party". Every detail chosen by her, such as the wedding cake, the invitations and even the clothes of the guests need to be impeccable! After all, marriage is a set of elements that need to be in full harmony.

Although some believe that determining the type of guest costume is not very polite - no one knows how the financial conditions of each are going - others believe that there is nothing bad about it and that it is even better to ask for a style that is right for the marriage, because this way it is easier to hit the visual and not to err in excess, wearing too simple clothes, or very luxurious.

And that is why today we are going to deal with this controversial subject, but necessary. And thus, choose the costume that most matches the wedding party that you plan to have; and if you're a guest, do not worry! We've brought tips and inspirations for you to choose the perfect wedding look for each type of outfit.

How to determine suit in the invitation?

To determine the types of costumes you need to have the space, the decoration and the wedding dress already chosen. That's because these three elements are what will define the style of marriage. For example, if the bride is to marry in a luxurious space, with a princess dress full of embroidery, and a very traditional decorated wedding, it is interesting to determine a gala / black tie look for the wedding. If the party is outdoors, on a site or farm for example, the bride can already opt for a fine sports party, to leave the guests at ease from beginning to end of the event.

Fine sport suit

It is a cool style, with elegant but simple clothes. Anyone who opts for this style of costume is usually throwing a party outdoors, such as at the beach or in the country. All natural and simple.

Fine female sport costume

For the woman, tailleurs, shorter and printed dresses, as well as the basic black dress are made, and made of lighter fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Avoid glitzy and flamboyant dresses and prefer the most opaque and elegant fabrics. Oh, do not forget a good high heel!

Full outfit

It's the social attire style that most couples choose for the big day. If you are in doubt as to the style of clothing you will wear in a wedding, bet on the complete ride, as you get in the middle between fine sport and black tie - mega sophisticated. Dresses can range in size from the longest to the shortest. However, the fabric and the details of the guests' look are what make the difference.

Full female prom dress

The woman's dress has to be made of some more sophisticated fabric, like crepe, mousseline and silk. The sparkles need to be controlled, nothing to wear a dress all bright, choose models that have brilliance only in the bust, or only in the skirt. The best thing to do is bet on a more classic dress, accompanied by a shiny and beautiful clutch! Another tip is also betting on the sandal, as it leaves the look neutral.

Full Men's Walking Suit

Here is no escape, the male costume should be composed of suit and tie. However, if the wedding is by day, the guest can bet on different and cheerful color combinations, pulling for lighter shades. And in dark marriages, dark suits.

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Wedding Planning Tips for The Bachelor Party

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM / Under Wedding Planning

With all the tensions associated with marriage planning, there is a possibility to relax with friends. Planning a fun bachelor party will help you escape all the important decisions that need to be made for the wedding itself. Here are some tips to put together a bachelor party.

Tip 1 - Planning

It is customary for the bridesmaids to plan the party. The maid of honor must have the first choice in planning, but if she has already done the bridal shower, others may want to help plan and cost. If their hands are full of wedding details, a good friend wants to take over with their hands.

Tip 2 - Bride style

Keep the personal preferences of the bride in mind when planning. If she would be embarrassed easily by a night of more risky nature, opt for a day at the spa. Plan a whole day with high tea, a trip to the salon and drinks and dinner. Remember that caring for the bride is the first priority. If heavy drinking is going to take place, think about having the weekend before the wedding instead of the night before.

Tip 3 - Invites

Ask the bride whom she would like to invite. Sometimes they may not want their mother and mother-in-law to join, so it's good to ask her for the list of guests. Make sure all ladies are informed of the date in advance. Everyone has busy schedules and it is best to give everyone the opportunity to share their schedules.

Be specific. Let the guests know the times and the itinerary throughout the day. Some may want to meet at one of the locations, but not all of them. You can ask for donations to do something extra special for the bride, such as renting a limo for the day. Enter a phone number to ask questions. Let guests know how much they can expect to spend for the day.

Tip 4 - Reservations

If you are planning the event at a popular location, you must call and book in advance. If you cannot enter because a place is full, it can become a downer all day long. Depending on the size of the group, it may be useful to rent a VIP stand in a club.

Tip 5 - Personalize the experience

This is supposed to be a celebration of the last days as a single woman, so present your bride with some memories of that time.

Collect photos and present them with a scrapbook of all the memories.

Leave a page blank at the end for wedding day photos of all ladies during her wedding.

Present her with special wedding day lingerie or other nice gifts to send her in her 'married way'.

Also personalize the experience for the guests. Buy favors that all ladies can wear during the night to indicate that they are at your party. Tiaras and sashes are fun for the guests to wear. Make a goody bag full of survival items for the bachelor party, such as aspirin, an ice bag and lipstick.

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