Rediscover Hot with Heavenly Couture

Every bride concurs the perfect gown is one which fits her like a glove, boasts her assurance, attractiveness and happiness, and flaunts simply the best touches of her. But whether that gown is a princess ballgown or a slick, contemporary mermaid gown depends upon her character and how she sees herself on her big day. For me, I’m a girly girl through and through, so I can’t help but fall helplessly in love with gowns that's a stunning honey neckline that toes the line between modesty and risque, an intimate tulle skirt that's only the correct quantity of fluff, along with a dunking low bareback detail. !

When I think of intimate love necklines, downy skirts and dunking low back details, I think of Divine Couture gowns. Always a supporter of their dreamy, downy gowns using a flirtatious open or low back, for me, their gowns symbolize an ideal balance of romance and female sensuality. And that perfect equilibrium is some thing that Kim, owner and designer of Divine Couture, has been fine tuning and reinventing over the past few years since she incorporated low and open rear layouts into her creations more than a decade past. !

Divine Couture first introduced the first low back wedding and evening gowns in the 1990s because Kim needed to flaunt her bride’s femininity and sensuality. Her avant-garde creations were a breath of fresh air to the neighborhood wedding picture and were a success for brides who were seeking something besides the more conservative designs of wedding gowns. Kim always sought to bring a fresh sort of hot to her creations in a tasteful way, such as the thigh high slits and body-skimming, slinky shapes she introduced to her works in 1997.

She also brought hot to the standard cheongsam by giving it a naked or delusion back with elaborate lace details along with a more curvaceous shape to flaunt a bride’s womanly curves, making the traditional dress more appealing to and more wearable for younger brides.

Brides who want a more grownup and refined variant of a fairytale appearance is not going to be let down in Divine Couture’s Swarovski crystals and custom designed lace embellished creations, a look that many have come to recognise Divine Couture for, aside from their more sexual creations. !

Posted on April 27, 2015 at 09:05 AM