Tricia and John's Idyllic Participation Fire

It was love at first sight for Tricia and John when they initially met at Salon Vim 4 years past. Brought to his trust and adulthood, their first encounter left the whole salon resonating with their joyful laughter as she cracked many jokes in an endeavor to get him laugh. Learn how John managed to get Tricia’s hand in marriage even though he didn't meet her conditions, and take a look at their serenely lovely, idyllic betrothal photo-shoot at the quaint MacRitchie Reservoir. !

Tricia: John’s first strategy was to propose at Lake Ashinoko, or “Property of the Reeds”, in Hakone, Japan, but while we were making our way there, we passed by the well-known Hell’s Valley that I’ve always wanted to see. I told John that we had to investigate it since we were there, and that’s how we ended up touring the area rather than Lake Ashinoko. In all my delight, I was oblivious that he was anxiously conjuring up a Plan B, although I did see him acting oddly a few times. But they were immediately forgotten.

He ended up proposing at a fairly place in town looking out on a mild lake after we rode the cable car down from the mountains. That instant when he went down on one knee using a paper and ring in hand was an incredibly memorable and valuable minute. I was touched at how he'd planned the whole trip and believed to take me to Hakone for a surprise proposition. And in that instant, I saw tears in his eyes and that struck a chord for me because I’ve never seen this side of him before. It was then that I realised how much this relationship as well as our marriage meant to him. !

John: Thanks! The entire procedure was incredibly nerve-wrecking for me because I’m not good with words but I needed this crucial second to be ideal and memorable for both of us. I think I was close to a nervous breakdown and wasn’t behaving like myself minutes before the suggestion. And even though I neglected to satisfy both conditions Tricia had requested for formerly – to propose openly in front of a tremendous bunch and to video that particular moment, I however managed to get her understanding.

Tricia: We shot at a seldom seen secluded place in MacRitchie Reservoir because we needed to get away from the buzz and concrete buildings we were generally encompassed by. It was likewise an ideal place because we needed a Nature inspired shoot with our pet, Tintin, and refined and mysterious nighttime shots. It was an ideal equilibrium of our laidback lifestyle during the weekends with Tintin as well as our love for quality living.

John: During the shoot, I adored minutes where we needed to share the framework with Tintin. It reminded me of the kind of family I need and I couldn’t wait to do another one in the future with our kid! !

Zyn from Le Fairymeadow was just awesome. This gifted woman who was heavily pregnant in the time of the shoot worked as if she wasn’t taking a valuable load on her, setting up the area with tall flowery arch, flowery swing and candles! Pearlyn, who did my hair and make-up, was exceptionally careful to John and I during the shoot, always ensuring that each fine detail was in place for each framework.

Tricia: Really! I 've one such example that I simply must share together with the world! As my lovers might already know, John is in charge of all my OOTD (ensemble of the day) shots on Instagram. What they don’t understand is that he's extremely critical of my poses, of where my gaze properties and if I'm facing the light. Therefore, when he was modeling awkwardly during the shoot, I took the chance to return the ‘favour’ he's shown me for the previous 4 years!

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 09:05 AM