Designer Attribute: Galia Lahav Springtime 2016

Known for her delusion backs and extravagantly elaborate designs, for her new range, "Les Reves Bohemiens," Galia Lahav brought out a glamorous wild child in the bohemian bride, with just-there delusion lace, thigh high slits, and see-through silks, all embellished with a wholesome dose of dazzling crystals.

Opulent, stunning, and incredibly hot, Galia Lahav's wedding gowns for Springtime 2016 were a sight to behold. The runway show was held in the Villard Mansion, as well as the abundant, architectural details made an ideal setting for the glamor of the group. Inspired by a bohemian love story, "Les Reves Bohemiens" is a glamorously intimate set laced with the dreams of fairytale princesses. With luxuriously floating chiffon layers, dainty corsets, and slivers of skin, the wedding gowns are what our treasured storybook princesses would wear if they could fling (kids-proper) decorum to the winds. They call to mind the shimmering, grown up, snow crystal gown that Elsa conjured when she freed the magic locked inside her. !

Prodigal skirts are juxtaposed with tantalising skin to produce a range that calls to the free-spirited bride. Hand-embroidered pearls and applique create vibrant textures, uneven layers of tulle add drama to the shape, and complex French Chantilly, Resille, and classic laces treaty a munificent bohemian love story. Exceptional shapes are shaped by layering gauzy fabrics and creative placement of lace.

We all oohed and ahhed as the plunging necklines and stunning lace came down the runway, and gasped as the gowns turned to reveal glittering delusion backs in crystal patterns. Cinderella's namesake iconic blue gown was immediately recognisable, but it'd been given a light wand's touch from a fairy godmother whose preferences ran a little more alluring. Belle was a champagne-coloured gown using a silver-edged, plunging neckline that turned to reveal a winged-cape motif, creating an illusion of fluttering sleeves. Flower featured munificent metallic hand-embroidery and feels and a peekaboo rouge fishtail skirt. However, the gown that actually stole the show needed to be Wendy, a slinky, tailored silk crepe gown with a plunging neckline. The gown walked down the runway highlighted using an extended lace-trimmed cape, as well as the second the model shrugged off her cape and turned to show a scintillating, totally gauzy back made of an embroidered, crystallised net, an audible gasp was heard from the other side of the room, and several of us stood up for a better look. Talk about hot. Our editor, Michelle, sighed at the sheer play of it.

Posted on May 18, 2015 at 09:05 AM