Urban-Elegant Wedding at HOUSE at Dempsey

It wasn’t the bride and bridegroom who wore white at their urban-chic wedding dinner, but the guests! Having dated for Alice, a decade and Jonning’s relationship moved on to another degree in a casual and enjoyable wedding party in HOUSE at Dempsey. Alice had stunning lilac locks for the event, as well as the couple wore black, their favourite colour. They even got matching sneakers! See more of the interesting wedding details below, superbly captured by Chris Ling International Photographers.

Alice: We were classmates from poly but it was just until the past year of education that we finally got together and began dating. My first impressions were: "trendy, cunning," and then it became "I despise this Jonning Chng!" But eventually despise became love.

Jonning: Yeah, we consistently described our relationship as "love-hate." My first impressions of her were that she's outgoing and interesting but can be temperamental sometimes. I see a kind soul in her as well, as I got to know her over time.

Alice: We were really celebrating our 11th anniversary during the month that we got married, so I think, the idea of spending the remainder of our life simply arrived naturally with no fight, after being together for so long. He's what I am not as corny as it might seem, I Have always told him.

So I did not expect him to do those small things that he prepared for the suggestion, he wasn't the typical romantic type. It was not long, pleasant, surprising, and undoubtedly not his fashion also. However , I think it is a once in a lifetime occasion, so he made an effort to do it right solely for the two of us. !

Alice: We had our church wedding at St. Mary of the Angels with a lilac motif. We only made a decision to go with this, although there is no reason regarding lilac. My hair was coloured purple, and everyone has a tinge of lilac on them during the day church service.!

When it comes to wedding dinner, it's so our dress was black, simply that our favourite colour is black. And we chose to make since I believed it'd be a lovely sight to see everyone wear white, with everyone. All we did was to request every guest as well as our parents were sporting enough to go together with the thought.!

Jonning: Our wedding was informal, relaxed, fuss free, and straightforward. We needed the guests to mingle about instead of simply sitting with individuals they are knowledgeable about. It is a party of family members as well as buddies –individuals whom we truly wish to share this particular day with.

Alice: It was rather an eventful morning. The motorist was not an hour early to the location of Jonning. It turned out to be a great thing we gave considerable buffer time in our scheduling, so fortunately we were able to catch up and everything was on time.

The Wedding Dress: Narcissism
The Bride's Shoes: CDG PLAY x Converse Jack Purcell for day; Valentino Pink Rock Stud for nighttime
The Suit: Narcissism
The Bridegroom's Shoes: CDG PLAY x Converse Jack Purcell for day; Y3 Qasa High for nighttime
The Engagement Ring: Niessing
The Wedding Bands: BP De Silva Jewellers
The Groomsmen's Shoes: Customised Converse Jack Purcell
The Wedding Place: St. Mary of the Angels (Bukit Batok) for church service; HOUSE @ Dempsey for dinner
The Hairstylist: Koinonia Salon
The Makeup Artist: Shu Umera
The Caterer: Various food and cake caterers for church service; HOUSE @ Dempsey for dinner
The Photographer: Matthias Chng of Chris Ling International Photographers
The Videographer: Androids in Boots
The Photobooth: Hello Eternally
The Wedding Favours: Succulents in miniature pots
The Wedding Band: Nicole Duffell and her ring

Posted on June 17, 2015 at 09:05 AM