Captivating Europe Pre Wedding Photography

Alvan and Ethelyn flew to Europe to escape from wedding planning for some time, and toured citadels and jumped through haystacks rather. Their stunning pre-wedding photos were shot by Androids in Boots (Still + Movement), and record their love for nature with casual pictures lying on winding country roads, as well as their love for God, with ethereal shots in proud churches lit by candles. !

Alvan: We met when we were studying in NUS. We really understood each other during our undergraduate days where we stayed in same block and the exact same hall. For some reason, we used to speak with everyone in Hall except for each other. But I chose to ask her about dancing, only so I could strike up a dialogue with her, although not because I liked to dance. I have to say it went extremely nicely... I don't dance till now.

Ethelyn: We did not have really great impressions of each other at first. When we first saw each other, we believed the other man was too snobbish because neither said "Hi" when we walked past each other. It absolutely was Alvan who started our first dialogue. Understanding that I was in a modern dance group in NUS, he came up to me saying he needed to figure out the best way to begin in dancing. But Alvan never got down to dancing in any way. Super cheeky in the event you ask me. Well, things spiraled away from there.

Alvan: It was when friends as well as family began to mistake us for sibs since they believed we resembled each other... Okay, not actually. Jokes apart, I believe the minute I realised Ethelyn was the man I needed to wed was when I began to see the other side of her, and adored her. I believe love is the union of two individuals who easily forgive. I realised that although we may quarrel we accommodate at the snap of a finger. Having the same beliefs as well as the same degree of comprehension are also essential for me.

Ethelyn: There were. Fully being a Catholic myself, the important avowal was after the Catholic religion was voluntarily taken by Alvan. When God became the bedrock of our relationship, our relationship developed more significant. I saw love me for who I was and Alvan had developed to cherish me.

We had our share of ups and downs also, even minutes when we nearly stopped the relationship. But we came out of these trying times more powerful than before. It made me realise this man was someone dependable and someone I needed to spend the remainder of my life with.

Alvan: It proved to be a quiet relationship because Ethelyn constantly suggested that she needed something simple and I believed something private would be unique. I proposed to her on our third anniversary. I popped the question and reserved a staycation at Capella Sentosa.

Ethelyn: Alvan understood I needed a private suggestion with no frills. Because I believed it was only another anniversary party, I did not anticipate anything from the staycation. We were wandering in the compound in Capella shooting pictures in the morning. When I was going to shoot a we-fie, he abruptly knelt on one knee, said a sequence of statements (which I don't have any memory of because I was too taken aback) and popped the question. as soon as I said, "Yes," Alvan's godparents (also my godparents now, by default) came running towards us with a camera as well as a bouquet of flowers in their own hands and yelling "Congratulations!"

Alvan: We did our pre-wedding photography shoot in France, mostly Tours and Paris. When we reserved our two-week holiday to Italy and France, we'd no intent to do a photoshoot. We subsequently discovered that our real day wedding photographer, Androids in Boots (Still + Movement), was also heading there for a vacation cum work excursion. We believed we should catch this chance to work out something and so we did!

Ethelyn: We needed to really go on our first Europe trip to get away from the wedding craze for some time. When we found out our real day wedding we leapt at the opportunity for doing a Europe pre-wedding photography shoot. (We had already bought a bridal studio pre-wedding shoot bundle months before - so we ended up with two pre-wedding photography shoots - one local, one abroad.) The encounter was definitely worth it!

Alvan: The thought was to go to someplace with a cooler temperature where we capture our wonderful moments and can have pleasure. Ethelyn really needed to have churches and fortresses as the backdrop together with the cityscape of Paris. But we found lots of nature backdrops and drove through the countryside, which was what I needed.

Ethelyn: I needed our engagement session to embody Alvan and me - to catch what we hold dear and love in our lives using a tinge of dream and ethereality. Shots in a church were required because we needed to magnify God's presence in our relationship. Fortresses have a peculiar draw for me. I could not miss out on the chance to doll up and be photographed since we were heading to Tours to see the fortresses. Alvan and I really like nature - so the carefree, casual, and interesting shots were done in the countryside amidst vast open fields. I chanced upon the "nature" locations, so it was a plus that we'd so many wonderful images from those areas. The tourists of Paris do when in Paris, do what. And so we did... we could not leave out required shots of the Eiffel Tower.

Alvan: It was our first trip to Europe, so it was an experience to see the amazing spots in Europe for the very first time. On the final day of our shoot, we needed to gain the Eiffel Tower during dawn. We waited in the early hours of the morning, enduring the chilly while looking forward to the sun to rise. It was likewise an experience as it absolutely was our very first time renting an automobile as we sniffed out our shoot places and driving in Europe.

But it was undoubtedly an enjoyable eyeopener encounter. I realised that behind every glamorous opportunity is lots of "inelegance" – or "unglam" as most call it. We waited for cars to clear and then ran to the middle of the road only to get several snapshots; got chased outside because we were trespassing on private property; climbed on haystacks half-concerned the dog in the far end of the farm might come chasing after us... It turned out to be a thrilling encounter with several firsts for us.

We needed our guests we were to have many individuals sharing in our joy and to understand our love story. So we showcased a few of the handcrafted presents we made for each other; choreographed and did a dance for our second march-in to "Good Time" by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen (we danced alongside several other significant couples in our lives). The wedding planner put together a montage of our pre-wedding pictures and wedding shoutouts and congratulatory messages from buddies who sent them in when they learned about our big day. These were screened when our guests were waiting for the wedding banquet dinner to commence. !

The Gown: Z Wedding D’signal
The Bride's Shoes: Pedro
The Suit: The Top Butler
The Bridegroom's Shoes: Apolat par d'boiss
The Engagement Ring: Love Insignia
The Site: St Anne's Church for church wedding; Fairmont Singapore for wedding banquet
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist:Z Wedding D’signal
The Florists: Love Label
The Photographers: Androids in Boots (Still + Movement) for Europe engagement session and real day; Chris Ling International Photographers for local pre-wedding photography
The Wedding Planner: Love Label
The Caterer: Lavish Dine

Posted on July 29, 2015 at 09:05 AM