Air and Kang Min's Amazing Wedding at Chijmes and Four Seasons

Melody, 29, and Kang Min, 33, observed their nuptials on two love-filled events. Needing only to share their love with their closest and dearest, the couple added personal touches to their heartwarming sacred matrimony at Four Seasons Hotel at Chijmes and cosy wedding banquet.!

Kang Min: Something awakened within me after my first interaction with her in 2010, and after several trips, I chose to take the opportunity to do it. “30 years in the future when you reflect at your own life, it is likely that you'll regret the things which you DIDN'T do rather compared to ” Timely reminder, so I went for it! But I needed to put up with leaving my confession nighttime at Labrador Park free of response... and just an agonising delay after did I receive a pleasing reply.

Air: I was all company when we first socialized. He did not leave much of an opinion on me, and it was undoubtedly not love at first sight. It required several company dialogues (with no hidden private plan), as well as some of passing-bys at company functions before Kang Min tried to organize lunch between a few us on every side. Sadly lunch did not materialise and it stayed only company. It was just much later that we began conversing on Whatsapp after trading amounts for...good, I can not remember now, but yes that is how it unraveled into the wonderful wreck today! We saw along the way a future that contained the both of us, as we spent more time together.!

Air: We were back in Sentosa to celebrate my birthday at a 3 star Michelin restaurant, however there clearly was no suggestion and so, I discounted the thought in my head that he'd propose that night. Also, Kang Min requested me to change into casual clothing for a nighttime walk by the shore which we both love. We wandered along Siloso Beach, back to where we got along the sandy shores. We kicked the sand with our toes, until we reached a place that was secluded loved the sea breeze as well as the calming sound of the light waves. Kang Min subsequently said he had something important to tell me. Stupid me, my first reaction was stress, and I wondered if something had occurred with anyone or everywhere. Where this was going, yet, as he shared his well thought through straightforward confession, it dawned upon me! And on one knee, he fumbled in his shore berms and outside came a ball of tissue! That tissue was really valuable, jointly with one more present — he finished a thick scrapbook of our journey, picture by picture, word by word. How could I resist saying yes to this guy who made it easy, honest and heartwarming.!

It turned out to be an unpretentious and straightforward event. No crowd cheering, no hidden agenda, no flashing cameras. It was only there and then, an instant that is self-centered that we didn’t wish to share with anyone but seen by God. It absolutely was our special moment where we made the determination to continue on as one. This reminds me of a significant Biblical verse of being one in Christ: “… then make my joy complete by being likeminded, having the same love, being one in nature and goal.” – Philippians 2:2 (NIV)

We'd no fanciful wedding topic and we did not believe in the demand for one also! We needed to represent our love that was straightforward but sharing what matters most to us - to share our unpretentious love to our precious guests by means of a cosy and heartwarming setting. We sourced for things we adore, overlaid with personal touches which contained a gifted string quartet who could play with our tunes that were requested, a sand art variant of our love story, a coffee cart at our solemnisation etc! We paid lots of focus to the making of the gowns by Michelle Huimin, as well as the suit with Bridal Veil -making procedure to mark the preparation procedure that was memorable. We needed to appreciate and savour the once in a lifetime preparation procedure!

We planned every detail of the sacred matrimony, from the self-designed invitations to the self-designed programmes, picture table etc, dessert table! We also hired a pushcart java service to share our love for a great cup of coffee to start the day (which our guests adored!). We selected Chijmes as our sacred matrimony site to make sure our relatives who were not Christians were comfy and picked our own blooms and layout. We topped off the occasion with live music from a string quartet who played wonderfully!!

For the banquet, we presented our love story by means of a sand art narrative that captured the focus of our relatives and friends, and we also purchased a special favour for the guests to take home: a "observe our love grow" seed pack. We were extremely happy our guests loved music, the food, and details of it all!?

The Gown: Bridal Veil by Michelle Huimin
The Bride's Shoes: Coach and Saera
The Suit: Proper Suit from Dylan & Son Co. // blue jacket from The Gentlemen's Club
The Engagement Ring: Cartier
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Site: Chijmes for sacred matrimony and Four Seasons Hotel for wedding banquet
The Makeup Artist and Hairstylist: Kacey Teh
The Java Cart: Adroit Coffee
The Florists: Shiki Florist at Chijmes and Fleurapy for bouquet at Four Seasons
The Occasion Stylist: Ourselves and Four Seasons Hotel
The Wedding Planner: Ourselves
The Photographers: Joe, helped by Marcus, from Acapella Photography
The Videographer: Zech from Substance Films
The Invitations and Paper Goods: Self-designed
The Wedding Favours: Packages by Mm
The Wedding Band: Fete Musicians
The Solemniser: Pastor Patrick

Posted on December 23, 2015 at 09:05 AM