After two world trips and traveling through more than sixty countries, I have now collected quite a few travel tips. Some are very practical, others are more general in nature. I thought it would be fun to share my ten ultimate travel tips and I hope you have something to do with it!

1. Ensure sufficient budget

How much 'sufficient' is depends entirely on your travel style and your wishes, but in any case: make sure you have enough money to occasionally do a cool activity, once more luxurious to sleep or to have a cocktail somewhere. You always need more money than you think. Making choices is fine, but it would be a shame if you really want to do something, but do not have any money for it. Who knows when you get the chance to go back.

2. Travel as you want

Everyone has their own way of traveling. I am a planner myself and sometimes I find that a shame. But for me plans are great: I know exactly what I want to see, I always have certain hotels on the eye where I want to sleep and I want to be sure that I can do whatever I want. That does not mean that I always book everything in advance, but I often find it relaxed. But for you it can work much better to travel without a plan. Therefore, travel especially well as you want, because there is no right or wrong way.

3. Provide backups

Make sure you have a backup of your important documents, photos and film material and for your money. Mail yourself a copy of your passport and important (account) numbers and make sure you have a paper copy in your backpack. Backing up your photos is also important: put everything on your laptop, make a copy to a separate hard drive and keep it in a different location than your laptop. Lastly, think carefully about your money matters. Hide some cash in your backpack and take a credit card alongside a debit card. On a world tour we even had a second debit card, for when the first one would not work.

4. Look beyond your travel guide

I will not travel without Lonely Planet, but there is more than just travel guides. For example, read travel and lifestyle blogs for the best personal tips. Extra fun if the blogger himself lives at your travel destination, because then you know for sure that you have the best local tips. Sometimes it is also nice to completely forget the guides and tips and just go running. Especially recommended in an atmospheric city such as Stone Town or Fes, where the street scene itself is already a highlight in itself.

5. Dare to step out of your comfort zone

Traveling is the chance to do things that you do not dare but would like to do. You can think of diving or parachuting, but also camping on an uninhabited island, asking locals if you can take a picture of them, staying in a homestay or street food. Let go of your fears and step out of that comfort zone!

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM