Types of Wedding Attire: Essential Tips for Choosing the Ideal Look!

Types of Wedding Attire: Essential Tips for Choosing the Ideal Look!

The main goal of a bride is: "hold a perfect wedding party". Every detail chosen by her, such as the wedding cake, the invitations and even the clothes of the guests need to be impeccable! After all, marriage is a set of elements that need to be in full harmony.

Although some believe that determining the type of guest costume is not very polite - no one knows how the financial conditions of each are going - others believe that there is nothing bad about it and that it is even better to ask for a style that is right for the marriage, because this way it is easier to hit the visual and not to err in excess, wearing too simple clothes, or very luxurious.

And that is why today we are going to deal with this controversial subject, but necessary. And thus, choose the costume that most matches the wedding party that you plan to have; and if you're a guest, do not worry! We've brought tips and inspirations for you to choose the perfect wedding look for each type of outfit.

How to determine suit in the invitation?

To determine the types of costumes you need to have the space, the decoration and the wedding dress already chosen. That's because these three elements are what will define the style of marriage. For example, if the bride is to marry in a luxurious space, with a princess dress full of embroidery, and a very traditional decorated wedding, it is interesting to determine a gala / black tie look for the wedding. If the party is outdoors, on a site or farm for example, the bride can already opt for a fine sports party, to leave the guests at ease from beginning to end of the event.

Fine sport suit

It is a cool style, with elegant but simple clothes. Anyone who opts for this style of costume is usually throwing a party outdoors, such as at the beach or in the country. All natural and simple.

Fine female sport costume

For the woman, tailleurs, shorter and printed dresses, as well as the basic black dress are made, and made of lighter fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Avoid glitzy and flamboyant dresses and prefer the most opaque and elegant fabrics. Oh, do not forget a good high heel!

Full outfit

It's the social attire style that most couples choose for the big day. If you are in doubt as to the style of clothing you will wear in a wedding, bet on the complete ride, as you get in the middle between fine sport and black tie - mega sophisticated. Dresses can range in size from the longest to the shortest. However, the fabric and the details of the guests' look are what make the difference.

Full female prom dress

The woman's dress has to be made of some more sophisticated fabric, like crepe, mousseline and silk. The sparkles need to be controlled, nothing to wear a dress all bright, choose models that have brilliance only in the bust, or only in the skirt. The best thing to do is bet on a more classic dress, accompanied by a shiny and beautiful clutch! Another tip is also betting on the sandal, as it leaves the look neutral.

Full Men's Walking Suit

Here is no escape, the male costume should be composed of suit and tie. However, if the wedding is by day, the guest can bet on different and cheerful color combinations, pulling for lighter shades. And in dark marriages, dark suits.

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM