Making a professional video is no easy task, depending on the type of production it takes months and even years to get to the end result. Among all of the features used for recording, video lighting is one of the most important. Video lighting is as important as lighting in photography.

In this article we will bring some very important lighting tips for video, some lighting techniques used even in great productions for photographic studios and how to use them correctly.

Lighting Focus

The focus of light is the main element of video lighting to watch for before starting work. It is important to make clear what it is to be seen, because the focus can bring it closer, move away, and deepen the motive. The most suitable equipment for studio recordings are illuminators and LED spotlights.

The illuminators and reflectors that use several pieces of mini LEDS are the most sought after, they usually change the color temperature of the environment and help create effects from tomorrow until nightfall within professional photographic studios.

To approximate, or pass on the idea of ​​approach, the subject is recommended by professional videographers to illuminate the part of the face in which there is more vision, as shown in the photo. It is important, in this case, to see the best angle of who is unfilmed and which position is most comfortable, because the focused light highlights the marks, which can highlight the details, but is not always what is sought.

Just as the focus of video illumination can pass the impression of proximity, it is possible to carry out the opposite effect by illuminating the most striking side and highlighting the farthest.

Side light

Creating a more dramatic or intense effect in a scene counts more than acting, lighting can intensify this perception of the viewer. This video lighting tactic is professional and is seen in many movies at all times.

This technique of video lighting has origins from paintings from the 17-18 centuries, where artists used in their paintings such lighting. The hint for finding the correct light spot is to find a "triangle" shape on the opposite side of the face:


This type of video lighting is very well known in the musical environment, in productions of terror, suspense or involving strong emotions. The work is simpler and can be used with most common LED illuminators. To find the key point of this illumination it is important to make clear the whole face of what is recorded or the main focus of illumination.

It is important in this type of lighting to make clear where the main source of light comes from, since it can be multi-angles behind the subject and work in that direction.

Photo Shovels

To compensate for and balance the video illumination during recording and lessen the need for post-editing treatment, photographic hitters is the best option. The batter in white color, for example compensates for the tones, rebounds the main source light and balances colors and highlights. Photographic studio hitters have up to 7 colors, each one for a particular type of photograph or recording and assists in adjusting hue, intensity, contrast depth and more.

Cross light

This part of professional video lighting requires greater care and knowledge, in which case you need more than one lighting source, such as to find yourself in studio lighting kit. In this tactic, you need to position your illuminators according to whether one becomes the backlight of one subject and there is a side-to-side light. In order to produce professional results and without uneven lighting, both sources must have a good job and reach, maintain the same color tone and temperature, and use accessories such as the studio photographic hitter to assist.

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 01:36 PM