Cracking Travel Tips Using the Efficient Tips

1. Ensure good insurance

One in the category 'boring but needed': take care of a good travel insurance, so that you do not end up with unpleasant surprises. In this blog you can read my tips for choosing a travel insurance.

2. Locate the locals and support the local economy

Ultimately, it is often the people who make your trip so special. Make regular contact with the locals: make chats on the market, use bus rides to get to know your fellow passengers and sleep occasionally in a homestay. That way you will get to know the country a lot better. Try to make local choices regularly: sleep in hotels run by locals, eat in small restaurants and buy in local shops. A great opportunity to support the local communities.

3. Watch your stuff and read about scams in advance

You do not have to watch over your backpack like a hawk but paying attention cannot hurt in some countries. Do not leave your valuables on the beach when you go swimming. Do not swing a wallet full of money if you want to pay something small but put some cash in your pocket. Do not hang your expensive DSLR camera like a handbag over your shoulder. Another tip: read about common scams before you travel. That prevents your tuk-tuk driver from dragging you to the stores of his many brothers, that you believe your taxi driver when he says that your guesthouse no longer exists and that you have to pay a hundred euros for drinking a cup of tea during a 'traditional Chinese tea ceremony’.

4. Consider local customs

Adapting to your travel destination is always important, because you do not want to bump the locals. This means that you attune your clothes to the local culture, show respect for the customs of the locals and do not pull plugs from the wall if the noise from a religious ceremony becomes too much for you. You really do not have to wrap yourself in a sari when traveling through India (rather not even) but adjusting to the local culture is very important.

5. Take as little luggage as possible

Budget can never be too much, but clothes can. Buy a backpack or suitcase of limited size that helps to pack lighter. In the end you always wear the same two shirts, so you do not need much. Things like mosquito nets and sleeping bags are almost always redundant, although a sheet is useful. Less baggage saves a lot of dragging along the way, at home you have less time and you have enough space to bring along beautiful souvenirs. And one last tip: buy packing cubes! Really: they have changed my entire way of traveling. Never again a mess in my bag, never to re-pack: great invention.

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:48 PM