Wedding Dresses: How to Define What Your Guests Should Wear?

The dress code should fit the party style to make the wedding even more beautiful.

On the big day, no costume is more expected than the bride. However, days before, your guests will be concerned about the wedding dresses they must wear to participate in the couple's dream.

The decision by the dress code should be made by the bride and groom. It is directly related to the style of the celebration chosen by the couple. A daytime outdoor wedding, for example, requires light and simple clothing, while a luxurious mini evening wedding should match the look of the guests.

Informing the guests of the type of wedding suit is not inelegant. In fact, it is extremely recommended when the couple performs a relaxed or glamorous wedding. Except on such occasions, guests understand that the right style is the full ride, the most common in weddings.

Although establishing the dress code seems an unimportant detail, it is essential to the harmony of the party. Guests who dress well beyond or below expectations can embarrass the others and further make the photos confusing.

Daytime wedding

Events scheduled to take place before sundown ask for simple dresses, light colors and low luster. The best option for this schedule is to ask your guests for fine sportswear, or even a slightly more stripped-down variation, by wearing jeans, for example.

Night wedding

Although social attire is most demanded by couples, you can vary and release the fine sport, especially if the celebration is modest or in an unusual location. The more formal suits should only be used at weddings that occur at night, so depending on the style of your wedding, you can ask your guests for this type of attire.

Traditional wedding

In events that take place in halls and hotels at night time, the most recommended wedding dress is the complete outing. If the wedding starts before sunset and lasts for the night, the bride and groom can suggest the fine sportswear as the standard for their guests.

Outdoor wedding

This type of celebration is usually more despoiled and occur during the day, which calls for a more relaxed, such as fine sports. If the mini wedding is held on the beach, make small concessions, allowing men to wear short-sleeved shirts, polos, and even shorts to withstand high temperatures.

Luxury Wedding

Luxurious celebrations call for equally luxurious attire, and it may be the case to indicate the wearing of the gown at all. However, this option is not always found in the guests' wardrobes, so be flexible: you can demand the gala dress from the groomsmen and the other guests, the complete ride.

Tag Tips for Guests

The guests need to be aware of details that can lead to conflicts with the couple, the other guests and the venue. Before choosing clothes for the big day of the bride and groom, they should:

- Avoid white. If you only have one dress of this color in the wardrobe, please arrange a new one in advance. White is reserved so the bride can stand out on the most important day of her life.

- Ask if there are any questions about the suit. If the invitation did not bring you the indication or if you would like an opinion to know if a particular look is appropriate, talk to someone close to the bride and groom or contact the wedding advisor himself.

- Be silent. It is common for women to display beautiful jewelry and shoes along with their wedding dresses, however, make sure they will not make enough noise to interrupt the ceremony.

- Always respect the dress code. The couple thought fondly about each item of the wedding and attending dress improperly passes the sense of disrespect to this dedication.

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:48 PM