Tips and Tricks for Taking Creative Photos in GoPro

In order to accompany the specific adventurous population, which lives moving to the most varied places and do not want to carry a lot of weight, a type of camera called camera action.

The GoPro is best example of it and, although it was actually developed focusing on travelers, gained prominence with people all lovers of photography.

With the quality of a professional camera, GoPro has the same characteristics as the manual change of ISO and other functions.

Its resolution, even with its small size, is extremely high. In addition, some models have an excellent ability to record videos, capturing hundreds of frames per second.

But what sets GoPro apart is its unique features.

Most notable is its small size and weight, making it ideal for travel or the like.

Although light, it is very resistant, since it was developed to accompany athletes in extreme sports, such as cycling, climbing, surfing, among diamonds, besides being very good to accompany you on tracks.

About its ability to shoot, it has an advanced stabilization system, preventing video recordings from shaking, even when used in extreme sports.

To improve, there is the possibility of fitting brackets on bicycles, backpacks and the like, preventing it from falling and further reducing tremors.

Another peculiar feature of GoPro is its built-in Fisheye lens, which captures images at an angle of up to 180 degrees.

GoPro Creative Photos

But this feature will be better explored a few chapters ahead. Just for a little detail, these lenses allow for super wide images, capturing as many objects as possible.

Let's explore GoPro more deeply in this article, demonstrating how to extract the best possible quality from this action camera.

Its functions, features and best techniques to use will be better detailed, demonstrating how fun it can be to shoot with a GoPro.

GoPro has a manual function

Many thinks that because of its small size, GoPro has no manual function.

The truth is that this information does not proceed, since newer models such as HERO 3 Black or Silver, HERO 3+ Black, Hero 4 and their superiors have this feature.

To activate, you must use the Protune feature, which is a camera mode where you can make customizations.

Functions such as manual adjustment of white balance, exposure, sharpness, color change by (temperature setting), ISO, among others, can be found in Protune, feature to activate the GoPro Manual.

Activating Protune

After turning on the camera, it is necessary to press the front button until the "tool" icon appears. Then press the upper button and press "Capture Settings". To activate the function, simply press and hold the front button until "Protune" appears, pressing the upper button to activate it.

Now that Protune is active, you can select (always pressing the top button) the white setting (WB), with the possibility of changing between 3000k and 6500k.

To achieve tonal balance, follow the situation that a cloudy weather requires a higher WB while a sunny situation a lower value.

Other manual functions are the default color selection (GoPro Color) or highlights and shadows (Flat).

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 01:48 PM